Ryan O’Donnell

2014/2015 Kirchner Food Fellow

Ryan O’Donnell, is an entrepreneur and graduate of North Carolina State University. He has devoted his life to building teams and organizations that can significantly and sustainable impact our world. At the age of 18, Ryan led the Guinness World Record Food Drive, raising over 550,000 pounds of food in 18 hours. Despite the success of the food drive, Ryan saw how our current system of helping people is profoundly broken and severely limits us from achieving real social progress.

Ryan envisioned a better world; one where great teams could leverage their financial, intellectual, and intellectual capital to maximize their social impact and solve society’s most pressing challenges. Over the past four years, Ryan has led three early stage ventures/teams through ideation, development and seed stage funding: Pennies 4 Progress, IMPACTUS, and EMPLOYUS. In addition to his academic and entrepreneurial pursuits, Ryan was chosen to receive the President Clinton Hunger Leadership Award, the Caldwell Fellowship, and the Starting Bloc Fellowship. He is currently the CEO of EmployUs.